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Yurt holidays: Yurts make the ideal accommodation for luxury camping holidays

Why not try a Yurt or Tipi camping holiday this summer?

I can't really say that we've been on a Yurt holiday per se but we have stayed in one for a few days in June 2008 - more of a few days break than a holiday - and were pleasantly surprised with the high quality of construction, and especially the most excellent quality of the internal appointments. Our Yurt had a fridge and a cooker, and this is something you need to enquire about before booking - will your Yurt have a cooker? Ask this because some Yurt holiday site owners don't allow cookers inside the Yurts because they say the felt absorbs the cooking smells. One wonders what the ancient Huns & Mo0ngols would have thought of that attitude! The raised wooden flooring meant that the inside would never get damp, and it was made even more snug by having carpets! I mean: carpets in a tent? But Yurts are not just tents as they are far more sturdy and long lasting than the average tent could ever be.

We have been fortunate enough to have stumbled across a small site for Yurt camping holidays in Norfolk. Based in Sea Palling, Norfolk, it is roughly 2 hours drive from London, not far from both the Norfolk coast or the Broads, so there is plenty to see, appreciate and do once you are settled in here. The site is owned and run by Cheryl and Derek and as holiday sites go this is small with a capital S, because at present there is just the one luxury Yurt available for holiday rental, an 18 ft yurt which sleeps 2-4 and which is sited on a raised wooden deck. It stands alone in a 1 acre paddock. Have a look at the photos of the Yurt and cabin.

Yurt holidays are all about quality camping and and quality often comes in small packages which is evident  in this case to anyone seeing the Yurt and nearby cabin which houses the luxury kitchen and shower facilities for the sole use of the occupier.

The kitchen area includes a sink with hot and cold water; small fridge with ice making compartment; microwave oven; toaster; cutlery; plates; and cooking utensils, and a door leads into a shower room with electric shower, sink with hot and cold water and flushing toilet.

The best is yet to come as there are two family pubs within walking distance, about a mile, and both serve very good pub grub. Also, in Sea Palling, is a post office/ convenience store. Also within walking distance there is a very good farm butcher and farm shop.

Contact details for Cheryl and Derek are here and we hope you are able to take advantage of their offer to have your first Yurt camping holiday in Norfolk.

Yurts come in a variety of sizes and start small enough for couple to have a great holidays in what must be virtually complete luxury, up to to party size for a mass sleep in or whatever, and of course thare are sizes in between.

I have no idea who was responsible for resurrecting Yurts to use for holiday purposes but it was a really neat idea as they and Tipis bridge the gap between ordinary tent camping holidays and those taken in mobile homes. There are now quite a few small operators offering Yurt holidays in the UK, and France is catching on fast too, but the ones in France who I have had contact with have all been Brits. I have also been in touch with a small company in Spain offering the same thing. We haven't noticed any of the larger outfits getting involved in Yurts at all, and I would have thought that one or two of them would be the trail blazers, so best of luck to the one and two person companies who have had the foresight and guts to "go for it" in these financially unstable times.

The whole Yurt holidays thing is supposed to be Eco friendly and initially it caught on with the "I am really, really Green" people big style, don't ask me why when they all have wood burners inside and quite often smoky old campfires outside, and now normal people are catching on too. Are Yurt camping holidays here to stay? I think so but their image is of housing the hairy, spotty and unwashed tree huggers with mangy dogs, and this is just what we encountered when we stayed in a Yurt that one time. If UK site owners can overcome that (it won't happen in France) then they have an excellent future.

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