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Hobbit House or Microlodge camping

Our page is primarily aimed at tour operators and camping companies large or small, especially those companies which were considering buying Pods to rent out on site. Our advice? Don't buy Pods, Yurts or Tipis until you have checked out the latest camping concepts from Visionary media, a relatively new company set up by Steve Millar in Fife, Scotland. These Microlodges are bigger and better than Pods, believe me, and the manufacturers reckon you can recoup your initial investment in just 150 days occupancy! Not bad we think. Not as good as a tent or a Yurt in that respect but far better than a mobile home, and in years to come you still have your Microlodges on site long after the tents, Yurts and mobile homes have been recycled!  In our opinion these represent pretty good value for money at just a tas under 6 K each, and will probably suit the UK market slightly better than in Europe where the camping season is arguably shorter.

Designed specially for camping sites, the Microlodges come in a variety of flavours including the Hobbit House, the Romany caravan, and the Wild West Wagon, not to mention the home office model but that suits other businesses entirely. Hobbit houses are a unique product and are constructed using only quality materials; they are easily maintained, solid, insulated, secure and built to last. Even though the Hobbit House is new to the camping leisure market they have already become a massive hit with children and adults alike, offering dry, warm and welcoming accommodation both in and out of season, in fact you can see the specifications here

The design of the Microlodge is such that after a sweep and mop-out it can be ready for new occupancy in a minimal amount of time, and of course, the Microlodge is also an ideal option for early Spring and late Autumn breaks, thereby extending the seasonal range. This translates to a potential earning forecast of 300,000 + over a 5 year period with ten lodges on site.

The manufacturers are now doing adaptations of the Microlodge to allow for 'special needs' groups which will involve the lodge having 2 sleeping bunks and plenty of wheelchair space within the main cabin with ramped access and wider doors than standard. Any other changes can be requested at the design stage.

To contact the manufacturers please click here

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